Redecorating life into creations that tell a story
Conventionally, the term world language refers to English or Esperanto and a couple of other languages. Seldom are the language of images counted among these world languages. I think, however, that the old Egyptian hieroglyphs weren't such a bad idea. They used images to write. Water was depicted as a couple of waves, an eye was simply, an oval with a circle in the middle. In visual art, the images are of course more complex, but still, it's true that there are pictures that are worth a thousand words.

It may be a coincidence that my interest in visual art brought me to China, where the written language (derived from hieroglyphs, by the way) also partially uses images to convey meaning. Four years ago I moved there. I'd just finished my studies. And I decided I'd up and leave to settle into new and unfamiliar surroundings. I discovered that there really is a world language, universal and understood by all human beings. Our values are so much alike that we understand enough of each other to be able to communicate.

I've been welcomed inside people's homes, in their kitchens, in their living rooms, in their familiar surroundings. And communication never was a problem. I never knew gestures, body language and facial expressions could get me so far! In that environment, unfamiliar to me, I started to think about some really Big Questions like "What do I value?" and "What do I really want?"