Redecorating life into creations that tell a story


There's no standard routine, no straight path to my creations. I get inspired all the time. It could be something I read, someone I meet, a ray of sunlight refracting in a raindrop. Anything could set off the process.

Now I come to think of it, I actually do have a regularity, a constant in my creative process. That is, I have an obsessive compulsion: I'm a collector. There, I said it. I'll take home whatever takes my fancy. Personal handwritings, Chinese newspapers, old private bank accounting books, vintage photographs. I collect all these items and store them somewhere. From time to time I'll remember something I picked up, maybe years ago. I'll dig it up from underneath the pile of "lost and found" and I'll start thinking about how to integrate it into an idea I have for a painting.