Snow globe

I had this dream once. I'd somehow ended up in a snow globe. You know, one of those little glass spheres enclosing a miniature scene of some typical winter landscape. If you shake it, the water makes the little white particles look just like snow drifting to the ground. Well, that's where I found myself, a tiny character in a snow white miniature world. On the ground, a thousand bricks were heaped up in a big pile. Since I had nothing better to do in this particular dream, I started arranging and rearranging the bricks into different forms. Stairs, walls, towers, arches, you name it, I built it. I stacked and I stacked till I was out of breath. That's when I woke up, exhausted from so much building in one night.

Much later, I remembered this dream when I was sitting on a park bench, watching all sorts of people passing me by against the backdrop of some huge skyscrapers. A couple of feet away some children were playing catch. Birds were singing all kinds of songs in a language I couldn't understand. And then it struck me: my snow globe dream wasn't about snow and bricks at all. It was about all these people with me in the park, living their everyday lives and arranging and rearranging the fabric of their lives. It was about possibilities and chances and connection and feelings, whirling around and inside us like a snow storm.

I really think that we can build what we want. I just takes time to recognize the potential of the bricks lying around us.