Redecorating life into creations that tell a story
What makes a home for you? It's an interesting question, isn't it? The concept of a home can be linked to a whole range of related things, places, people and feelings. Asking people to draw a home would result in millions of different versions. But to most, home is a place where you can be yourself, feel safe, relax and do as you please - together with the people whom you love and respect.

I'm currently in the process of rebuilding the farm of my late grandparents. The farm is where I'm going to live. It's also where I'm going to craft my creations in a brand new studio. The 1913 farm is very special to me because of the bond I still feel with between me and my grandparents. They still are a great source of inspiration for me. Their hospitality, their values and their basic style of living appeal to me on a very deep level. In a way, the inside of my creations reflect the way my grandparents lived their lives. With an outside that matches the spirit of the world today. What's more, the old family homestead also provides a welcome hideaway. I spend a lot of time in cities all over world and the natural, down to earth surroundings of the farm inspires me to reflect and create.